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Home Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing or selling a home means you will need to make some important decisions. Our Advantage Plus Home Inspection report and discussions with your inspector will help you interpret the current condition of your home to fully resolve questions and feel confident in the process.  Highly trained and fully insured, we will provide a non-invasive examination of the structure, systems and components.

What is covered in a full home inspection?

With a Full Home Inspection, Advantage Plus will evaluate the condition of the structure, roof, attic, foundation, and exterior for leaks and cracks,  basement, and garage.  We will inspect faucets and plumbing, electrical system and outlets, ground water run-off – gutters and downspouts, doors and windows, stairs and railings for code, furnace and heating systems, central air conditioning, water heater, air exchanger, chimney and fireplaces, decks and porches.

What is most likely to fail in a home inspection?

No one wants the home of their dreams, or the property they are about to list, to fail an inspection. Although many of issues can certainly be repaired, knowing what you are dealing with while in the decision process will alleviate stress.  Let  Advantage Plus help you with a realistic evaluation so you can research actual costs to repair or improve the property.

The following items most often are the culprits to an unproductive sale, so you will want to pay close attention and get a professional inspector on the job.

  • Cracks and faulty foundation
  • Plumbing problems
  • Wiring of electrical
  • Failing heating system
  • Drainage issues in the yard
  • and rundown roofing issues
  • Insect, pest or organism infestations
  • Mold

Buyers typically reserve the right to back out of the transaction if the home inspection fails. Another option is to renegotiate the sale price deducting the repair costs. Your licensed real estate agent will be most helpful if this is your  circumstance.

How long will an inspection last?

Typically a full home inspection will last 3-4 hours, however, you do not need to be present during the entire inspection. It is recommended to join the inspector at the end for his/her inspection or make an appointment to discuss the findings report by phone, zoom or at the property.  Advantage Plus is happy to educate on filters, systems, and components in your new home – especially advantageous for first time home buyers.

Why do I need an inspection?

Although your mortgage company may not require an inspection, it is recommended for peace of mind and solid decision making.  Would you purchase a used car without driving it or having your trusted mechanic look it over?  Hiring a trained Advantage Plus inspector to protect your home investment falls along the same line of thinking especially when purchasing or selling a home.

Protect your family and renters by hiring a trained inspector every 1-5 years to keep track of its condition in preparation for renovations and repairs and help prevent costly future repairs. Advantage Plus Home Inspection’s report will emphasize mechanical, electrical, structural and plumbing fixtures. Damage or erosion left too long can be very costly.  Common examples of issues that would be caught by an inspector early enough to save money in repairs include:

  • Water intrusion and leaks
  • Mold
  • Insect or organism infestation
  • Ground water management , foundation may have been altered with plantings or debris
  • Roof, attic insulation, rotting building materials, heating system, and other structural elements may need repair or replacement to prevent accidents and save money in the long run.
  • Understand the changes in technology and how to save money and energy.

Who pays for the inspection?

An Advantage Plus home inspection is a complete evaluation of a home, completed by a highly trained inspector. Home inspections are mostly paid for by the buyer when purchasing a home. A seller may also request and pay for an inspection before listing in order to market the property accurately or make repairs before listing to insure marketability and top price.

Our home inspectors will provide the buyer or seller with a comprehensive report detailing significant issues as well as smaller issues that may be important to our buyer or seller.  We are known for pointing out advantages in a home, especially those that may impact the decision to buy or sell positively such as new roof, new furnace, central air, value added porch, etc .

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